RAC Alumni

Letter from Joint Chairman

Dear RAC Alumni,

For the last twenty or so years the Cavalry Lunch Club (CLC) has provided us with a fantastic opportunity to catch up with old friends over lunch and listen to a stimulating range of speakers. However, in addition to the obvious social aspects of the CLC, it was originally conceived to have a secondary aim of providing a networking opportunity for those leaving the RAC, so gaining insight, guidance, and advice on the minefield of transitioning to Civvy Street from those who have been through the process and forged their own successful careers.  More recently this worthy cause appears to have fallen away somewhat and so, as a new committee looking at the next phase of the CLC, we have an opportunity to reinvigorate our community to help in whatever ways we can, utilising the network on a social, business and career transition basis. Career transition is of course not something that affects just those leaving the Army, and especially during the pandemic, several people have found themselves looking for new careers, some by choice, others not. It was an unspoken understanding that if someone contacted you via the CLC you would give a little time and the benefit of your sage advice, something which in the current climate would be invaluable.

Please rest assured that we are not going to lose the social side of the group and if anything, we are considering expanding it, perhaps running regional events, indeed we are open to suggestions and offers of help to broaden our reach outside London.  We also want to be the conduit to help facilitate the organisation of wider events such as sporting get-togethers, reunions and even perhaps tours. But obviously as a small team of volunteers we would welcome your help, ideas and input.

We are also working with HQ RAC on the wider RAC Alumni initiative, providing career advice and help to all ranks. To this end you will find a new tab on the RAC website dedicated to career advice and potential opportunities (https://www.royalarmouredcorps.org.uk/Alumni) and we would encourage you to get in contact if you have positions that could be filled by an RAC leaver. We will ensure that they are advertised both through the website and through the Regimental Home HQ networks. We are also looking for mentors and buddies i.e. individuals who are willing to provide advice and support for RAC leavers. Nothing onerous, just a sounding board on things as simple as what to wear to an interview, industry overviews and even local knowledge on relocation, across the rank structure.

As part of this, and to be an effective conduit, we are keen to gather information on how to get in touch.  The CLC LinkedIn site is useful but given that we don’t all live on LinkedIn it is perhaps not the best way to communicate.  Therefore, we would love to gather some basic information so that we can keep in touch, make sure you are aware of events and just occasionally issue a call to arms, but only to those who have specifically offered their services.  In the first instance we would just like to collect your email addresses so that we can communicate more directly as and when required.  For simplicity just click and send to the email address (alumnisecretary@royalarmouredcorps.org.uk) and we will get back in touch.  I know that most of us identify on a Regimental basis, but as the RAC gets smaller we need to pull together and utilise the considerable talents that lurk within our Alumni to look after and reconnect with our own!

We are delighted to announce that General Sir James Everard KCB CBE has kindly agreed to take up the position of President of the RAC Alumni supported by an all-new Committee, the details of which together with the RAC Alumni Terms of Reference are attached to this letter for your information. We will, as always, be working closely with HQ RAC to drive the wider initiatives.

Finally, we are very much looking forward to seeing a great number of you next week at our delayed summer lunch  taking place on 30th September at the Cavalry & Guards Club. We have been lucky enough to secure Sir Richard Dearlove as our speaker, with tickets on sale via the LinkedIn page and RAC website. For those of you looking to add a little style to your autumn wardrobe, we have received our much-anticipated order of highly fashionable ties which will be available at the lunch or via our LinkedIn page!

Yours Aye


Simon Vaughan-Edwards

Joint Chairman

RAC Alumni


Crispin Lockhart

Joint Chairman

RAC Alumni

Posted: Wednesday, 22 September 2021