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Guy Deacon’s journey - Hello from Cameroon

Hello from Cameroon!

Please excuse this blanket note but I thought as I reached a bit of a landmark on my trip it was worth a updating you on my progress. Last week, I crossed the border from Nigeria to Cameroon. I am now heading south rather than east, which has a positive psychological impact; every mile is a mile nearest South Africa. 

West Africa was always going to be the toughest bit of the journey and I have survived it, more or less. Much of it was spent driving, which tested me, particularly as the roads are filled with traffic. The realities of travelling through Africa is it's not always savannas and game parks but dual carriageways and potholes. I’ve been jumping from safe location to safe location with a little opportunity to rest. But I must add that I have been very well looked after in almost every country I’ve visited. However, I am looking forward to the openness of southern Africa.

Crossing the border from Nigeria to Cameroon was quite an exercise and not for the fainthearted. The only open route across is done very rarely by anybody other than local drivers, in just two types of vehicle - Land Rover series 3 and Steyr Pinzgauer. The route took its toll on my vehicle, and it has broken down again. It is being repaired as we speak, with parts provided by Volkstrek (Aberystwyth) who have been brilliant at looking after the wagon, albeit from a distance.

If you've been following me on social media, or have seen the films produced by Rob Hayward, you will know that I have found some aspects really quite a lot harder than expected and doing everything alone has been a real challenge.  I have had to admit that I cannot really continue alone, so have made as best provision as I can with friends family, camera men and local drivers to join me. Whilst it is not ideal, it has advantages and on balance is the right thing to do.

I still have to across the Congo’s, but from now on things should be getting much easier and I remain on track to be in South Africa for Christmas.  

Without your help I would be nothing other than a tourist behaving irresponsibly by tackling this rather challenging task, but your backing has given purpose to the voyage and will manifest itself in an excellent film. Together with the access that it has given me to people with Parkinson’s, it will do a tremendous amount to raise awareness in Africa, as well as wherever else the film may be shown. As well as provide a degree of reassurance to those in the countries that I am passing through. I have started a conversation which has reached many homes and have been featured countless time on African TV and radio, spreading important messages that destigmatise those living with the disease.

I ask only one thing more of you, which is this: pleases keep the conversation bubbling and share the details of my journey with everyone you can think of,  that way you will be doing the lion’s share of raising awareness about Parkinson’s disease, particularly the issues that go undiscussed. 

In the meantime, you have all the sun and here in Cameroon it is overcast!

Thanks again, 



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Posted: Thursday, 21 July 2022