Cavalry Lunch Club

The Cavalry Lunch Club is open to all RAC Alumni regardless of rank.

Statement of Intent

To all Cavalry Lunch Club members and to all those that joined the RAC Alumni,

We are writing to inform you that, following some useful discussions, a decision has been made to amalgamate the Cavalry Lunch Club and the RAC Alumni into one organisation which hence forward will be known as the Cavalry Lunch Club (CLC).  This decision was based on the premise that the two organisations have broadly similar aims, the key ones being:

  • To revive and reinforce a sense of belonging by linking RAC people together so they can help each other as required.
  • To provide a context for reconnecting with old friends / colleagues by providing useful networking opportunities.

The plan is to reinvigorate the new CLC, and this will start with a re-launch event in the Spring of 2021 (exact date to be confirmed).  This event will also mark the handover to a new Chairman of the CLC and the formation of a new CLC Committee. 

The new CLC, which will open to all RAC Alumni regardless of rank held on leaving the army, will continue to use the CLC LinkedIn page for communication purposes and to that end there is no action required by current CLC members.  For those of you however that joined the RAC Alumni, and are not already members of the CLC, you are asked to join the CLC via the LinkedIn page at the following link: Cavalry Lunch Club


Mr David Montgomery

CLC Chairman
Colonel Crispin Lockhart MBE, ADC

Colonel RAC

Posted: Friday, 18 September 2020