Cavalry Memorial Parade 2021

The e-Cavalry Memorial Parade and Service was broadcast on Sunday 9th May 2021, at 11am.

A new frontier

Royal Armoured Corps embraces esports world as evolution continues.


The Cavalry and Guards Club

Cavalry Lunch Club

The Cavalry Lunch Club is open to all RAC Alumni regardless of rank.

Founders Day 2020

News from Home Headquarters Royal Tank Regiment

225 Years of the Yeomanry

The Reserve of the Royal Armoured Corps. 2019 has special significance for us, as it is the 225th anniversary of the formation of the first Yeomanry Regiments.

Royal Armoured Corps 80

This year marks the 80th anniversary of the Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) and provides the opportunity to celebrate 80 years of the Corps by bringing together its current soldiers and its veterans and to raise its profile by demonstrating the RAC’s various capabilities and equipment.

Tank Museum Exhibition - Long After the Battle

Opening 4th April, 2019. To commemorate the 80th anniversary of the formation of the Corps, The Tank Museum will be replacing the current temporary exhibition, Tank, Back to the Future, with Long After the Battle.

RAC 80th Anniversary Keynote Speech

Col G H J Deacon OBE ADC - Colonel Royal Armoured Corps - RAC 80th Anniversary Keynote Speech at The Tank Museum, Bovington.

Veteran ID Card

A new ID card for armed forces veterans, which will help them access specialist support and services, has started to be issued to service leavers.

Hodson's Horse - Clay Shooting

Clay Target Shooting Championships 2018.